SouthRoads carries out road construction road maintenance subdivisions bridges underpasses and bridges
SouthRoads is a registered ISO 9001 organistion


The SouthRoads team recognise that part of our success is due to the diverse locations of our aggregate supplies from over 130 separate sites throughout Southland and Otago. We are constantly sourcing new sites in advantageous locations. The aggregate sources are capable of providing a diverse range of products that can be tailored specifically to your project requirements. These include pit run gravel, shot rock, white stone to blue crushed good fine gravel to coarse gravel, to gravel plans specifically for your requirements. We have a specialist team involved in the stockpiling of aggregates and construction of bulk earthworks. By accurately assessing market demands, maximising production and minimising waste, savings are passed on to our clients by way of competitive tendering.

With our fleet of specialist bottom dump trucks, specifically designed for spreading aggregate we can meet your needs. We also have a fleet of 6 x 4 tip trucks and tipping trailer for bulk supply of aggregate to your project site and construction as required.

Specialist opportunities we can provide:

  • Dairy farm conversions, lane construction and maintenance
  • Forestry roading – construction and maintenance
  • Subdivision – commercial and residential construction
  • Access roading and hard stand construction
  • To the construction of local roads and state Highways

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Roading construction  carried out by SouthRoads for dairy conversions and all lane maintenance requirements

Roading Construction and maintenance for Forestry access

Access road construction by SouthRoads
Road construction from local highways to State Highways by SouthRoads

SouthRoads aggregate supplies troughout Southland and Otago

Aggregate projects are supplied by SouthRoads with fleet of specialised  bottom dump trucks

Aggregate provided by SouthRoads from pit run gravel, shot rock,white stone to blue crush good fine gravel to course gravel

Aggregates supplied in bulk with specialist fleet to your project site for construction

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