SouthRoads carries out road construction road maintenance subdivisions bridges underpasses and bridges
SouthRoads is a registered ISO 9001 organistion

SouthRoads maintenance operation has historically operated as a pavement, urban area and township maintenance contractor for the Southland and Clutha Districts. This operation has now developed to include commercial site pavement and grounds maintenance and maintenance contracts with NZTA.

At the peak of our Southland and Otago maintenance operation we maintained in excess of 9000 km of sealed and unsealed roads, over 900 bridges and major culverts and 29 township urban areas.  This work was completed through 10 separate networks maintenance contracts for a combination of District Council and NZTA.

Maintenance programmes designed for your needs   Maintenance programmes designed for your needs

Let us help you maintain your commercial site, roads and lanes.

Specialist operations we can provide:

  • Grading – carparks, farm lanes, driveways, forestry lanes remetalling supply placement and construct.
  • Seal pavement – filling of pot holes, resurface of carparks, driveways and access lanes, pavement repairs and maintenance.
  • Pavement sweeping – detritus, leaves and loose metal.
  • Sump cleaning – regular sump clean to reduce flood – programmed to each site requirements.
  • BRP Road Patch – pothole repairs, alligator cracking repairs, rut filling, edgebreak repairs, uneven bridge joints, trench reinstatements, speed bumps. The advantages are that it provides a highly flexible and totally waterproof seal, no wastage, shelf life in excess of nine years, suffers minimal chip loss and environmentally friendly.


  • Annual maintenance program – let us put a program together to maintain your site – pot hole filling, pavement and kerb sweeping, sump cleaning and design to meet your needs

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Roading maintenance and repairs

pavement repairs and maintenance

Gravel pavement grading and remetalling

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