SouthRoads carries out road construction road maintenance subdivisions bridges underpasses and bridges
SouthRoads is a registered ISO 9001 organistion
Siteworks/ Driveways

SouthRoads operates specialised siteworks construction teams and has a proven track record of delivering high quality work and cost effective solutions tailored to the clients requirements.

With dedicated crews, with an experienced can do attitude, experienced project managers, and a competitive pricing policy, we continue to successfully complete siteworks projects throughout Southland and Otago. 

It’s not just the big jobs but all jobs that we take pride in.

See what we can do:

Surfacing options

(photo’s asphalt, chip seal, gravel, concrete with close up detail)
Asphalt sealing for driveways , entrances Surfacing options include Chip seal

Gravel surfacing options Concrete Driveway construction by SouthRoads

Kerbing options 

(photo’s concrete K & C, mountable, timber)
Concrete Kerb and Channel for Roading, car parking or residentioal driveways Mountable concrete kerb and channel Timber edging for Driveways or other residential uses

Residential driveways and landscaping

Surfacing options for residential driveway construction Asphalt sealing options for residential driveways

Commercial siteworks

Siteworks management for all Commercial requirements Design and build projects of all sizes for Commercial sites

Residential subdivisions

Subdivision project management from Design, build, and management to construction Northwood Estate Subdivision project management

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Our team enjoys working with our clients to deliver project outcomes such as budgets, quality, timing and design alternatives.

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